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What is a mattress protector for?

26 Sep 2017

What is a mattress protector for?

If you’ve never thought about buying a mattress protector for your mattress, consider it for a few reasons. Not only does a mattress protector keep your mattress in good condition, it works to maintain your good health. A mattress protector is an affordable investment in your mattress. It prolongs the lifespan of your mattress and … Continue reading What is a mattress protector for?

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30 Aug 2017

Clever Under-Bed Storage Ideas

Under-Bed Storage Ideas Gift wrap, blankets, paperwork, old photo albums and more. For many of us, it all ends up shoved under the bed because we don’t know where else to put it. Instead of simply throwing, stuffing and scrunching hardly used items out of sight, organise them and put them within easy reach should … Continue reading Clever Under-Bed Storage Ideas

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flip mattress

25 Jul 2017

Why flip your mattress?

Why flip your mattress? Rotating or flipping your mattresses regularly adds to the life of the mattress and it’s probably a requirement for staying within your product’s warranty criteria. Some people know or suspect they should rotate or turn their mattress, but they’re not sure how to do it. How often is it necessary? What … Continue reading Why flip your mattress?

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How to fold a fitted sheet

27 Jun 2017

How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

Taking good care of your bed linens, just like taking proper care of your mattress, is part of creating a perfect environment for sleep. It can be difficult to nicely fold a fitted sheet for storage, however. As tempting as it might be to simply roll your sheet in a ball or haphazardly lump it … Continue reading How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

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Tips for Determining a Quality Mattress

11 May 2017

Tips for Determining a Quality Mattress

Tips for Determining a Quality Mattress Advertisers paying for commercial spots on TV or the radio want you to think there are only a few good mattresses to choose from. Department stores and high-end furniture retailers would like to sell you the same lie. The truth is, there are many excellent choices beyond the name … Continue reading Tips for Determining a Quality Mattress

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16 Jun 2016

Mattresses and Lies

This afternoon I had a couple of phone calls from a gentleman who was really wanting to make the best decision on mattress choice for his wife. The gentleman, I’ll call him John, sounded elderly and..

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15 Jun 2016

Whats in a Mattress?

Another good question, if not so poetic, when bed shopping is“ What’s in a mattress? “ Shopping for a mattress is an unenviable task for most people. The media is flooded with brand nam...

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