The Mattress Merchants Family Story

Mattress Merchants has been helping customers find the right mattresses for more than 36 years. We’ve been in the bedding business since 1980, and our family-owned mattress company in QLD has consistently offered top-quality mattresses for an extraordinary value.

We’re Brisbane’s biggest bedroom discounter, selling budget and luxury mattresses for a great price. Our customers come to us to get great deals on end-of-line, excess stock, factory 2nds, floor stock and other discounted new mattresses and bedroom furniture.

Integrity and Accountability Are Key for Our QLD Mattress Company

It’s not by accident that we’ve been able to provide Brisbane residents with mattresses and furniture for nearly 4 decades. Integrity and accountability is essential to our company, and we treat our customers and employees the same way we’d treat our family. They’re considered like family. This is why we’ve made it our life’s mission to be the best mattress company in QLD and provide service beyond standard.

Helping You Get the Best Mattress for You

Whether you’re purchasing a mattress in our Brisbane store or ordering from us online, we’ve made it a point to make the experience an enjoyable one. In our showroom, we encourage customers to talk with us about their needs and try a variety of mattresses to find the right fit. Our website offers a user-friendly process, from mattress research to final checkout. As you look for your next mattress, we want you to be confident you’re getting a great product for a fantastic price.

Buying Smart is Key

Mattress Merchants only sells quality products that are priced on a value-for-dollar ratio, instead of based on marketing decisions made by a corporate executive who’s not in touch with the customer. We can supply our community with premium mattresses at low prices because our experience lets us secure discounted bulk merchandise, and because we don’t have high overheads. Our company doesn’t have to pass on franchise fees to the customer either, which means tremendous savings for you.

We know mattresses and we have the expertise in the business to get the best products to the consumer. Mattress Merchants stays current with the latest sleep technology and science, so we can help our customers become well informed and make sound investments in comfort.