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Whats in a Mattress?

Whats in a Mattress?

Another good question, if not so poetic, when bed shopping is“ What’s in a mattress? “

Shopping for a mattress is an unenviable task for most people.  The media is flooded with brand names that we’ve grown up with and are as synonymous with mattresses as Coke is to cola and Esky is to coolers.  They are our go-to brands.

But is that because they are the best value for money OR because they have spent the most amount on marketing?  That then prompts the question, who pays for all that marketing and branding?

Now I’m not suggesting that these brand name mattresses are not good quality.  I could not reasonably make that claim or they would not have stood the test of time.  However, I can reasonably ask if they are the best value for your money.

Mattress manufacturers have a finite choice of components to create a mattress with.  The quality of those components and the workmanship in assembling them is what will determine the end quality of the mattress.   To maintain competitiveness manufacturers constantly change their fabrics and configure the external appearanceof the mattresses to stay en trend.  The technology internally does not evolve as rapidly and innovations are quickly copied by competitors.

Industry tech-speak and professional marketing can give the impression of vast differences between models and brands where they might or might not exist.  Another misleading influence is pricing.  Now allowing for the high costs of marketing and advertising, e.g. television, radio, social media, websites, billboards and sponsorships, many high profile brands are priced to impress.  Not priced to cover costs and make a reasonable profit but priced to imply that if you are paying $4,000 plus for a mattress it Must be the answer to your dreams ;)What about a $14,000 mattress?  What does that do?

What the boutique bedding franchises don’t want you to know is that it provides nothing that a $1,800 mattress can do.

(In my next blog I’ll be providing some answers based on fact,that will help equip you with accurate information for your next foray into mattress shopping)

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