Acacia Bed

A Contemporary take on Rustic design that gives a relaxed feel with character. A rich patchwork of timber colours create warmth and depth to any bedroom decor.

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Acacia Bed:

The Acacia bed is one of our most popular designs due to it’s broad appeal.  The Rustic design is offset by it’s contemporary lines. The patchwork of rich timber colours delivers character in a successful blend of rustic and contemporary styling.    However it is neither chunky nor heavy in appearance.

The varied coloured timbers in the Acacia bed make matching with existing furniture so easy. Alternatively if you prefer the look of a matching suite, side tables and tallboy are also available. Metal handles contrast stunningly against the timber.

Versatility is another attractive quality of this bed.  The variety of decor styles that work with the unique colour combinations are surprising.  In our warehouse showroom display, we regularly switch linen and bedroom accessories between contemporary, traditional and retro genres.  The Acacia transitions seamlessly between all three and continually draws positive comment.


The best structural description of this bed is solid.  The headboard, sides and foot-end clearly demonstrate the study construction of the Acacia frame.  Solid timber slats are well spaced, therefore they provide exceptional support.  All mattress styles will sit comfortably on the base without risk of failing due to insufficient support.

All mattress manufactures have a conditions of care in their warranty statements.  The most important of these start with the correct support in the bed or base.  Slats that are too thin or too far apart can’t provide consistent support across the length and breadth of a mattress.

Therefore when choosing the bed or base for your mattress be sure to check the support system before you fall in love with the style. After all, a mattress is no an inexpensive item to replace.  Most people put up with saggy or uncomfortable mattresses for too long before replacing them, often because choosing the right one can take lots of time and effort.

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