Thomas Frame

The Thomas is a solid timber bed that appeals to all ages and adapts to many styles of decor.

Colour: Antique Oak

Sizes: Single, King Single, Double & Queen

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Thomas Frame

Our most popular bed frame in all sizes is the Thomas. It has a versatile style that has a chameleon like quality .  The antique oak colour is a great mid-range shade that often blends with existing furniture.

The foot of the bed doesn’t extend beyond the height of the sides. Therefore if space is limited or you simply prefer the no foot board option, the Thomas will work for you.  Whether you style a single bed for a child’s room or a queen for your own bedroom, it will take on the personality of the decor you choose.

Structure:  Sturdy and strong are words that best describe the structure of the Thomas.  The solid timber slats measure 90mm x 35mm and are spaced at just 90mm apart which consequently makes this bed one of the best constructions we’ve seen.  In addition, the corners are bolted with a unique system that holds tight and prevents any lateral movement.


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Single, King Single, Double, Queen