5 Zone Latex Mattress

A unique mattress including the features of a latex and pocket spring system and posture zoning at a fabulous budget price!

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5 Zone Latex Mattress:

The 5 Zone Latex Mattress has more features than any other budget mattress.  It has a firmer feel but due to the posture zoning and pocket spring system, it doesn’t feel hard. The combination of zoning and the independent spring system allows for more effective body contouring.

While the purpose of the spring system is primarily to support the role of the comfort layer is provide contouring and comfort.  The comfort layer can be encased in a pillow-top, a euro-top or in a tight-top.

A tight-top mattress might appear to have no comfort layer because it is inbuilt and not featured as in a pillow-top. However every mattress needs a comfort layer since we can’t sleep directly on the springs. It is also note worthy that not all tight-tops are firm and not all pillow-tops are soft.


In case of the 5 Zone Latex it has a euro-top, constructed of high grade foam and quality latex.  Latex is a natural product that out wears all foams.  Latex used in comfort layers is molded with holes – a bit like swiss cheese. The more holes – the softer the latex feels.  Less holes means the latex is denser and therefore firmer.

The other benefit from this process is that latex is cooler than foam.  As you move on the mattress, air has more ability to flow in and out of the holes thereby not allowing heat to build up as in foam.

The 5 Zone Latex has all the features usually only found together in mattresses 3 times the price.  If you prefer a medium/firm mattress with reduced partner disturbance at a budget price, then order online or come in to our warehouse showroom and test it before you buy.



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