Nirvana 7 Zone Chiro

  • Feel: Medium
  • Styling: Pillow Top
  • Support: 7-Zone Pocket Spring, 6 Turn Spring Heat Tempered
  • Comfort: Convoluted Foam Top
  • Warranty: 5 Years
  • Depth: 25cm

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Category: SKU: MM1257


Nirvana 7-Zone Chiro:

Our Nirvana 7-Zone Chiro offers medium feel support with a contouring surface.    In order to maximise the properties of the comfort layers it is important to match it with the appropriate fabric.  Therefore the stylish pillow-top design is finished in a quality stretch knit fabric that will move in sync with the premium comfort layer.

The Nirvana 7-Zone also comes in a tight top version for those who prefer a firmer feel. Both have good edge support and are non flip designs. Remember when you test a mattress for edge support that it is generally found under the comfort layer around the top of the springs. When sitting on the side of a very deep pillow-top it’s easy to think the edge support is insufficient. However if you feel below that top layer you’ll find the firmer edge wires.


We have already looked at how the correct fabric compliments the comfort layers and the location on edge wires.  Spring systems are the heart of a mattress so let’s consider how to know what’s best for you.  The Nirvana 7-Zone Chiro says it all in the name.  Posture zoning extends the life of the mattress by maintaining maximum support. In this case there are 7 zones with the main one being in the hip area.  We all recognise an old bed by it’s sagging middle but posture zoning prevents or at least, delays that.

The spring unit is a pocket spring system which minimises partner disturbance leaving you undisturbed even when your partner enters and leaves the bed. Pocket springs move interdependently of each other as they are all encased in a fabric pocket or sock. Therefore the benefit to you is no flow on effect as happens in other spring systems.

Depth: 25cm           Feel: Medium              Warranty: 5 yrs


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