Echo Frame

Queen and King Bed Frame

Available in Charcoal

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Echo Frame:

Our most popular bed this year has been the Echo Frame.  The tailored upholstery finish is a clear statement of quality and style.  Deep buttoning sits on a dual layer headboard giving a sense of depth and strength.

Two deep end drawers built securely into the base glide in and out effortlessly the frame.  Therefore the added bonus of easy access storage makes great use of space.


The Echo is constructed from sustainable timber and upholstered in quality foams and fabric. The slat base sits at an optimum height to support the mattress and allow easy access to tuck in sheets and mattress protectors etc.  No more grazing your knuckles on deep side rails.

Drawer-base construction must be carefully configured to ensure integrity of strength and load distribution. We only stock bases, of all styles, that provide those characteristics. Therefore the base you purchase from us will continue to provide support without issue for many years.

The linen fabric chosen for the Echo Frame is of the highest grade upholstery fabric. It is selected not just for it’s looks but because it will stand up to the wear it will be exposed to over it’s lifetime. The meticulous tailoring is achieved due to the quality of the linen as well as the skill of the upholsterer. Quality fabrics are easier to sculpt into deep buttoning and deep contours.

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