Sonata Bed Frame

King & Queen

Quality Linen Fabric bed plus 2 deep drawers on Foot End provide great Storage for your bedroom at a great discount.


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The Sonata Bed Frame is both stylish and functional and therefore an excellent choice. The upholstery is a natural linen fabric and a popular choice for modern bedrooms.  Large easy glide drawers at the foot of the bed create convenient storage. It makes for great storage for extra linen or even more shoe space. All this for a hugely discounted price.

Unless you like shopping more than most you probable purchase products that will outlast trends and fashion and reasonable wear and tear. The Sonata bed frame fits this criteria perfectly.  Our upholstered beds are only ever made with superior fabrics. A light vacuum will freshen up the linen and keep it looking great for years.


Sonata bed frame structure:

The bed base has strong, durable slats therefore most mattresses are well supported.  When the slats in a bed or ensemble base are to thin or widely spaced, pocket spring mattresses are at risk of damage over time. However the  bed frame slats are designed for the job.  The slats will support solid memory foam and even latex mattresses.

Under bed space is valuable. The Sonata Bed drawer base is designed to accommodate deep wide drawers without compromising on strength. Metal runners provide smooth movement and long lasting wear. The drawers fit snugly into the foot end therefore allowing easy access.

Many shoppers forget to check quality of the bed support,  focusing only on design features and colours.   At Mattress Merchants you can have both great support and amazing design for your bedroom. We are happy to show you the structural features of our beds.  We select each bed according to a standard that never lets us down.

It’s important to remember that a mattress warranty can be voided if the support isn’t appropriate.  We love educating our customers because at Mattress Merchants, we’re happy when our customers are happy with fabulous discounts and superior products.


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