Regal Supreme

A  popular mattress featuring  a medium to firm pocket spring system for reduced partner disturbance and improved edge support.


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Regal Supreme:

Our Regal Supreme budget mattress is designed for those who like a little more contouring in the comfort layer over a firmer spring unit.   This mattress is designed to be single sided therefore it doesn’t need to be turned.  Simply rotating your mattress means you’ll get more even wear and extended comfort.

Firm edge support is another feature of the Regal Supreme therefore you can enjoy the full width of the mattress. It also means increased leverage when entering and leaving the bed.


The Regal Supreme features a pocket spring system with firm to medium feel.  The increasing popularity of pocket spring systems is due to 2 major advantages over traditional spring units.  Each spring is individually encased in a fabric pocket or cylinder.  Consequently, that enables it to move independently of it’s neighbour.  That means no transfer of movement and reduced partner disturbance.

Each spring moves independently under your body thereby allowing for greater contouring to your own body shape.  As we are all different sizes and shapes that makes a lot of sense.  Other spring systems often require thick layers of padding in the comfort layer to provide contouring as the springs are linked together. In some cases extra layers of foam will lead to deeper body impressions.

Less padding can also reduce unwanted heat build up in the warmer weather therefore quality pocket spring mattresses have many advantages.


Depth: 22cm    Warranty: 5 Yrs

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