Regal Luxury

Superior support from the pocket spring system combined with tight top styling makes the Regal Luxury a very popular firm mattress.


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Regal Luxury Comfort Layer

The comfort layer in the Regal Luxury is contained within the tight-top styling.  It is designed to compliment the firm support system.  It’s long been a popular mattress for those who prefer a firm mattress.  Firm doesn’t mean hard however and that is because of the high density comfort layers.  A contouring effect is just as important even in a firm mattress as it ensures reduced pressure on hips and shoulders.


The Regal Luxury has a 6-Turn Pocket Spring system.  The more turns in a spring- the more resistance the spring has.  This makes the springs in this mattress strong and resilient.  When combined with a 3-Zone posture-pedic design it creates reliable support for bodies of most sizes.  It is a no-need-to -turn mattress so regular rotation will keep the wear even and extend it’s life.

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Feel: Firm    Warranty: 5yrs   Depth: 25cm


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