Osteo Deluxe Budget Mattress

This budget mattress with pocket spring system has a luxury feel at a great price. For a mattress with a medium feel the Osteo Deluxe feels as good as it looks.


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Osteo Deluxe Budget Mattress:

The Osteo Deluxe is a unique budget mattress with a luxury feel. The Pocket Spring System is designed for maximum support and the pillow-top styling delivers a luxury comfort feel.  Therefore when you combine both features, the result is a supportive mattress that contours well.  Most importantly, it is priced  well below mattresses of comparative quality.  Therefore the Osteo Deluxe is a mattress you should compare when shopping on a budget.


The medium firm feel of the Osteo Deluxe is due to the posture contouring of the pocket spring system and comfort layers.  The combination of the two create a stable and supportive surface with a medium feel.  The strength, durability and firmness of a spring is determined by several factors.  The quality and size of the steel wire and  number of turns in the individual spring. The Osteo Deluxe has 5-turn spring in double tempered steel.  Therefore it scores high on resistance to compression and maintaining  shape over time.

Both premium foam and convoluted foam combine to create the comfort layer.  Contouring is desirable in a mattress to distribute weight evenly.  The old thinking was that a supportive mattress had to be hard.  Fortunately the modern mattress can supply both comfort and support. Your support should come from the spring unit while the comfort layer is predominately there to contour to your body shape and eliminate pressure on hips and shoulders.  Likewise, for those back sleepers, a well contouring mattress should create light resistance in the lower back.

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Depth: 30cm          Feel: Medium          Warranty: 10yrs.

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